The headphone necklace

-This story is a true fact, you can find it in almost every Kyuhyun's biography on the web. "He owns a headphone necklace given by Yesung"... but I really don't know where and when they said that. So, if you know it...that would be nice to tell me. I really want to know, actually. Because those pics are the results of my researches about this mysterious necklace, and they are the only proofs. I really, really want to know more-

   Yesung was wearing this necklace during Don't Don era :

   He gave Kyuhyun another headphone necklace, very similar, in 2007 (for Kyuhyun's comeback after the accident). He wore it for a SJ-M fanmeeting on february 13th,14th 2009 :

   And Yesung wore it again for Sorry Sorry, two months later :