KRY's Special Winter Concert

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Day 1

- 나란 사람 (Your Eyes) : YeKyu duet, Wook showed his talented piano skill. Yesung asked "When did you practice? Your piano skill is the lowest among us. Kyuhyun and I can play better." Wook asked Yesung "so please show your skill right now !"

- Yesung: I have so many stories about Christmas. 
Kyuhyun: Just tell one.
(Yesung tells a story about his girlfriend leaving him on Christmas day)
KyuWook: We are here with you ! 
Yesung: Don't leave me~ 
Kyuhyun: Dont worry (in japanese)
Yesung: You only know that word in japanese...

- Kyuhyun: We couldn't recite all the japanese lyrics...right ? 
Yesung imitated Kyuhyun checking the lyrics on the camera under the stage.

Day 2

- Ryeowook: I'm too happy to have a KRY concert as if I was dreaming. 
Yesung: Ryeowook, you may be dreaming now ! Kyuhyun, you too ! (then Yesung hit Kyuhyun)

Day 3

- KyuSung almost kissed during Bittersweet.

- During talk time, Kyuhyun asked "Yesung-ssi, are you okay?" in japanese, Yesung replied him "yes" in Korean. 

- Ryeowook: "Thank you for coming to our KY concert.." 
KyuSung: "Ryeowook !?" 
Ryeowook: "Ahahahaha XD!!" (he laughed a lot because he wasn't joking at all, that was a natural mistake..kk)

- Talking about their memories about Christmas again : 
Kyuhyun: Before debut, I went to watch a concert. I was so happy to see it on my return way. So you guys who are going to attend KRY concert on Christmas must be happy ! You are lucky ! (in japanese)
Yesung: Hey, didn't you say you drank with a sad mood after that concert? 
Kyuhyun: Hey, I was under 20 years old at that time, how was I able to drink alcohol ?
Yesung: I see I see, you might have drunk water.

-Yesung: I really don't have a girlfriend right now !
KyuWook: Everyone seems unable to believe you.
Yesung: Why you can't trust me ? Did I do anything wrong ?
Kyuhyun: You haven't even done anything wrong, they just can't trust you.
Yesung: But Kyuhyun,you also seem unreliable for ELF. Eveyone seems to be able to believe in only Ryeowook.
(Yesung and Kyuhyun hugged each other)


Day 1

- Kyuhyun: Yesung practiced piano a lot.
Yesung: Yes I did, even though I dont need it. 
Kyuhyun: Please let us see it. 
Yesung: My finger has a problem. I'm so sorry.

- Kyuhyun: Yesung, will you buy "Promise you" to all fans in Budokan?
Yesung: No, I don't have money because of the cafe!

- When Yeye was saying he is poor, they were also joking like Kyu is rich. And then Yeye kneeled to Kyu and pretended to beg money.

- Yesung: We showed a different version of "Promise you". Wook sang out of rhythm, Kyu sang out of key.. Then I imitated bad pronunciation even though I can speak Japanese fluently.
Kyuhyun: Really? Can you show it?
Yesung pulled Kyuhyun's ear "I CAN !"

- Kyuhyun: So you sang ‘Promise You’ with wrong tune purposely so that audience can appreciate how live and cd sound differently, right?
Yesung: Yes! (in japanese with his expression being totally serious)

- Yesung: Shall we go out to have a cup of tea? (in Japanese )
Kyuhyun (speaking to staff): Could you turn off his mic?

- Kyuhyun: Do you wanna say something at the end?
Yesung: Call me when you're back home? (in Japanese)
Kyuhyun: -_- (speaking to staff) could you bring him out?

- Last Christmas : Kyu tried to move to the side of the stage, and Yesung caught his jacket, so Kyuhyun turned one round ~

- Yesung: It's been a short time while the concert has begin... I'm hungry (in Japanese)
KyuWook: What? Hungry?
Kyuhyun: That sounds good.

- Kyuhyun asked fans to sit, he kept saying "suwariya~" as "sit please". Yesung mentioned "Somalia" (similar pronunciation lol)

- Kyuhyun: Will you come on Christmas Eve too?
Fan: Yes!
Kyuhyun: Loudly!
Yesung: Kyuhyun you should speak louder!
Kyuhyun: (little bit louder) Will you come on Christmas Eve too?!
Yesung: (suddenly) Will you come on Christmas Eve too?!!!!!!
Fans: Yes!!!!!!!
Yesung looked Kyuhyun as 'see? You should do like this' and Kyuhyun's facial expression was like 'ah I see'

- Yesung kept talking a lot excitedly so Kyuhyun said, "Sorry, please turn Yesung's mic down". Yesung looked disappointed for a moment but still kept talking a lot. So Kyuhyun said, "Excuse me, but just turn Yesung's mic off."

Day 2

- Kyuhyun told Yesung to change his hair into blue (same as lightsticks) at Budokan next. Yesung said "I'll do the effort".

- Yesung: Shall we go out to have a cup of tea?
Kyuhyun: You need to treat everyone.
Yesung: Hey, I told you I have debt to open my cafe.

- Yesung: Hey, Ryeowook...we are happy to have a rich friend, Kyuhyun.
Then Yesung hugged Kyuhyun and looked up at his face with puppy eyes.

- Kyu said Yesung is his young brother.

- Ryeowook: The song is called 'Promise You'!
Kyuhyun and Yesung looked stunned/lost.
Kyuhyun: Ryewook, we want you to EXPLAIN the song.
Ryeowook: Don't people already know?! Promise You is a ballad!
Kyuhyun and Yesung: (laughing like they're dying) Please don't just say it's a ballad.

- They said Kyu and Yeye ate expensive beef yesterday.
Ryeowook: Let's have dinner together. Actually, these two enjoyed sumptuous Kobe beef last night! I didn't get to have any!
Kyuhyun: You yourself said you didn't want to come.

- Kyuhyun was supposed to dance behind Yesung who was already dancing madly, but Yesung insisted that Kyuhyun dance solo - on his own, after Yesung finished.

- Yesung to Kyuhyun: You need to break the thought of yourself to show funny dances for fans.I always practice strange dance at home.

- During Christmas Eve, Yeye jumped so high saying something very loud.. And he even made Kyu jump as well..

- Yesung: My memory of Christmas is when my girlfiend broke up with me. 
Kyuhyun: It's ok (in japanese).

Day 3

- Ryeowook: Why SM didn't let me join "Your Eyes" with you?
Yesung: Because you sang the solo "One Fine Spring Day", right?

- Yesung: We bought champaign at the airport for a party today.. Kyuhyun bought the cheapest one.. because I am the oldest, I bought the most expensive one- twice the amount of Kyuhyun's. I got 20% discount though because I am a celebrity!

- Kyu & Wook teased Yesung about his hands. They said next time they have to sayhello w/fingers bended! They told fans to respond like this too.

- Kyuhyun: I remember we had a concert on Christmas in China.
Yesung: It must be SJM...I can't remember.
Kyuhyun: Yesung, SJM never had concert in China.

- So after Kyuhyun made the suggestion that everyone curl up their fingers when doing SJ greeting to accomodate Yesung's small hands, Kyuhyun really did curl his own up when the three boys made their last greeting to the fans.

- When they were saying their last bow, Kyuhyun reached for Yesung's butt, but too slow! Yeye grabbed his hand before any skin touching occurred.

- When Kyuhyun and Ryeowook chatted, Yesung got jealous and said "Kyuhyun, you're a reindeer not a mouth."


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