Super Junior's Experience Korea

Preview :

GyungSangDo / Kyuhyun - Yesung

GyeongJu (Kyuhyun)
ENJOY #01 Traditional Korean hotel
ENJOY #02 City that's great for biking, GyeongJu
TASTING #01 Richman-Choi's Korean Cuisine
TASTING IN GyeongJu / Street snacks of GyeongJu
FEELING #01 Temple Stay
EXPERIENCE NOTE Inside Mountain, Inside city, In the ocean! Temple Stay everywhere!

Tongyeong (Yesung)
ENJOY #01 Road where cars can't come in, IlWoon Biking Street
ENJOY #02 New play for the town next to the beach, Yacht!
TASTING #01 Place you can taste dishes made with sea pineapples, Sea pineapple district
TASTING IN Tongyeong / Must taste places
FEELING #01 I become the art, and art becomes me. DongPiRang Wall Art Village
EXPERIENCE NOTE Pretty wall art village

Busan (Kyuhyun + Yesung)
ENJOY #01 Seagull's love for baseball, baseball stadium
MAKING #01 Whatever you write is correct, calligraphy
TASTING #01 Looking at the GwangAn bridge, cheers!
TASTING #02 Last night in Busan, sea food dinner party!
FEELING #01 Places with smell of books and writings, Bosudong book street
FEELING #02 Busan night sea, and the lights

Super Junior's Experience Korea Preview 

Kyuhyun: First adventure after joining with Yesung hyung in Busan!
Writing calligraphy in a gallery in Bosudong Book Street.
Like what the teacher said, every writing here looked like art.
Something you cannot imitate on computer, writing that has been created with hand. Tada~

Yesung: Teacher told us to write freely
So I picked up the brush, excited.
What should I write? Hmm...

Kyuhyun: Hyung! Shall we write "Super Junior, fly up!"? Haha
Practiced several times with hyung,
and now, shall I try writing carefully to make one to put in a frame. Hm...
Yesung-ee hyung! What will you write, hyung? Hahaha, Busan seagull?

Yesung: Yes! Since we came to Busan. What will you write?

Kyuhyun: Hmm.. How about this? You are alive!*

Yesung: Hahaha, really. Talking about Busan reminds me of many Busan dialects. 
Then I... Love ya~*!

Kyuhyun: Sure hyung. I love ya~ too! kk

*These phrases are said with Busan region dialect.
("You are alive" phrase's meaning is hard to translate, but it's like, "you are handsome", "you are awesome", "you are lively", etc... ^^;)

Credits : @NKsubs

Yesung: "Children of Seoul Law University" This seems to match my level. I am going to read this~ How about trying this one this time?
Kyuhyun: Hahaha Hyung, what is this? Why are you reading a English grammar book all of the sudden?
Yesung: What? Isn't this kind of academical stuff just suit me quite well? What have you been doing all this time? Ah~ Were you looking at old record? 
Kyuhyun: Wow~ There are so many old records here! Ah~ Enjoying it freely together under the blue sky~ Are you coming along?


new video (all members)

Yesung: Kyuhyun-ah, where did your chopsticks go? when did you start eating with your hands? haha 
Kyuhyun: it's the same for you too, hyung!


Kyuhyun: I really like the beach. I think went to haeundae about 5 times. I like the beach no matter when I come. I like walking on it. And eating sliced raw fish while watching the sea.
Yesung: who did you walk on the beach with?
Kyuhyun: One time, with Ryeowook-ee hyung. From that end to this end.
Yesung: ah you told me that last time. But you told me you two didnt exchange any words. Haha
Kyuhyun: ah… Did we? It’s basically what happens when men walk with each other anyways. I think we just really liked the beach


KyuSung cut (beach) by youngwoonjungsu