20 reasons to ship KyuSung (true facts)

-written in 2011, updated in 2013-

1. Yesung was Kyuhyun’s first roommate.

2. Kyuhyun was the first to call Yesung at midnight for his birthday in 2010.

3. Yesung admitted that he loves to touch and kiss Kyuhyun.

4. Everytime Yesung fails at something, Kyuhyun is laughing.

5. Kyuhyun was the only one to call Yesung for his first day at Miracle For You.

6. Kyuhyun was the first guest at Yesung’s radio show (only two days after).

7. According to Heechul, singing right after Hangeng in many songs is the proof they are a “perfect combo”. Kyuhyun and Yesung sing right after each other in 90% of the SJ songs.

8. Yesung says that when he is tired, Kyuhyun is the first one to be by his side.

9. The day after the accident, Yesung recorded a message and was crying while talking about Kyuhyun. He promised he won’t get mad if Kyuhyun teases him in the future. And he probably kept his promise.

10. Yesung seemingly gave Kyuhyun a gift (a necklace) when he came back after being hospitalized.

11. Their families look close, and Kyuhyun liked to go to Handel & Gretel just to say hello to Yesung’s mother and brother.

12. Kyuhyun went to the last perf of Spamalot, and Yesung went to the last perf of The Three Musketeers.

13. Kyuhyun was stressful in Immortal Song because of one thing : Yesung wanted him to win.

14. Kyuhyun helped Yesung to stop biting his nails.

15. Your Eyes is the only duet from the 6 SJ albums.

16. Kyuhyun was the only one who sang It Has To Be You (Yesung’s solo) on stage. They even did a duet of it in a radio show.

17. When a MC asked Kyuhyun why he was naughty towards Yesung, he replied "that’s because we are so close".

18. Yesung and Kyuhyun probably hold the record of the longest hug among SJ members : they hugged for 23 sec during a concert, The Night Chicago Died.

19. Yesung says that Kyuhyun is CUTE.

20. Once, Kyuhyun wrote a birthday song for Yesung, and the lyrics are actually very touching.