Official vids

With english subs :

Yesung's accident message : Probably the vid that made me ship KyuSung. Just watch it, even if it's very sad.
KRY singing : The entire vid is full of KyuSung (Yesung is looking at Kyuhyun singing "I love you" the whole time) with a special moment at the end (1:20).
KyuWook's birthday song at The Muzit : Kyuhyun changed the lyrics ~~ and it's beautiful.
The whole vid (The Muzit) : A lot of KyuSung moments. You have to watch it ! 
Kyuhyun cuts from Youngstreet : KyuSung moments at 2:08 and 4:34.
Miracle For You [060919] : Yesung's first radio broadcast. He receives a mysterious call, and thinks that's Ryeowook (but actually, it's Kyuhyun who imitated Ryeowook xD). And finally, despite the bad connexion, Yesung can hear the message (starts at 2:55 and ends at 9:52). Yesung's reply is just... ♥
Miracle For You [070321] : Part 1 (feat. Kyuhyun)
Miracle For You [070321] : Part 2 (feat. Kyuhyun)
Miracle For You [070321] : Part 3 (feat. Kyuhyun)
KTR - Eunhyuk, Donghae & Kyuhyun call : Kyuhyun speaks at  4:11.
KTR - Eunhyuk's birthday : Kyuhyun speaks at 4:38 and 7:50.
KTR - Eunhyuk & Kyuhyun call : Kyuhyun speaks at 2:17 and 6:04.
KTR - Kyuhyun calls after coming back from Paris : The whole vid is interesting and full of KyuSung.
KTR - KyuSung drama : The beginning ~
Yesung's laugh at Shin PD : The day Yesung completely fell on Kyuhyun's thigh xD
KRY hug : Adorable ♥
SM Town Interview by SJ : Kyuhyun laughs while Yesung is speaking english ~
Song Battle (part 3) : Yesung's hand is on Kyuhyun's shoulder at 8:17, and we can see it again at 8:36.
Song Battle (part 4) : Yesung VS Kyuhyun (at 4:31).
SJ Foresight - Snow White : One of the best KyuSung moments *o*
The story of Kyuhyun's alarm : Kyuhyun looks so happy ~
Boys in City 2 : Yesung just walks behind Kyuhyun at 8:55...that's not really a KyuSung moment, but his face makes me laugh ~
Kyuhyun, Yesung & Sungmin speak in different languages : Funny cut with a little KyuSung moment at 0:10.