Super Junior KRY Brain Drawings :

Yesung : “Actually, there are a lot of stuff that fans don’t know about Kyuhyun”

Kyuhyun : “Yesung hyung is the most skillful self-take photographer, he is really good !”

Yesung : “Our maknae is very skillful at imitating the hyung’s voices”

Kiss The Radio :

Yesung : "Now that Kyuhyun is here, I’m neglected..."

ELF : “The way Kyu Oppa slides on floor is handsome !” 
Yesung : “That’s my part but everyone watched Kyu instead ?”

Yesung : "Our dongsaengs really love teasing me, especially the one who have Cho as family name and Hyun as last name"

Pak Jung A's "Scintillation Night" :

Yesung : "We'd rather say that Super Junior's second album couldn’t be made without Kyuhyun, than Kyuhyun insisting on taking part in it"

UFO replies :

ELF : "Jongjin (Yesung's brother) is better looking than Yesung Oppa" 
Kyuhyun : "Exactly. His hands are so much better than Yesung’s"

ELF : "Yesung Oppa, your sexy voice is the best ! I melt when I hear your voice"
Kyuhyun : "Liar ! If you melted, you'd be dead now !"

ELF : "Suju 83 line (TeukChul) both magnae (KyuWook) are talking so informal to you guys"
Kyuhyun : "I'm here, did you call me ?"
Yesung : "Give up..."

ELF : "Kyu Oppa, is it true that you don't focus on your study but still be able to get to Kyunghee university ?"

Yesung : "That school isn't a big deal though"

Song Battle :

MC : "Yesung, what do you think is your number one among members ?" 
Yesung : "My voice..."
Kyuhyun : "I have a good voice too... what about it ??"

Youngstreet :

Yesung : "I wanted to say something !" 
Kyuhyun : "Don't talk !" 
Yesung : "Teuk-ah !!" 
Kyuhyun : "Don't talk !!!"

Good Morning Talk Show :

Yesung : "Although Leeteuk trained for 5 years and Kyuhyun for 3 months, in skills, Kyuhyun may be better"

"The Three Musketters" interview :

Kyuhyun : "Hearing news about the casting, I was thinking that I had to learn acting privately but, one of the SuJu members, Yesungie hyung, told me 'learning from the seniors of the musical in the practice room is the most accurate way'. I was worried, so I was like 'What should I do if they don't want to teach me ?', but since the seniors taught me in detail, it was really good"

Immortal Song :

Kyuhyun : "Before I went to the recording, Yesung hyung told me 'Kyuhyun, you should win the first prize'. So I feel stressful. He talked about his winning last time for about one month !"

10asia interview :

: If you were to rank yourself in bitter remarks, would you be first ?

Kyuhyun : Ah, no… He isn’t very known, but Yesung is pretty bad. It has become a habit to just attack each other playfully.
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FRaU interview :

Yesung : Kyuhyun and Ryeowook are precious gifts that Heaven gave me.


What is KRY to you ?
Kyuhyun : Firstly, Yesung hyung is one who loves challenges and trying new things, he is very talented. Especially as the leader of KRY, he always leads us, and is very thoughtful of us.
I like playing pranks, especially to Yesung hyung. Because I'm the youngest, my pranks are usually forgiven. So I'd want to do more.
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Do you usually tease members ? 

Kyuhyun : Actually yes. Especially I do it to Yesung..kkkk
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YesungEven though Kyuhyun frequently plays pranks on me, but when I’m feeling down, he would come and comfort me. Just like a few days ago, I had a talk with Kyuhyun till daybreak. At that time, it felt like we were friends.

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[other translation]

What are your feelings about other members of KRY?
Yesung : Although Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were the last ones to join SJ, they were like God-sent to me. Being the only main vocalist, I was feeling a bit burdened. After they joined, I was able to show another (more distinctive) style of myself.

How would you describe their personalities?

Yesung : Ryeowook is innocent and detail-oriented. Even though he’s 25 years old already, sometimes, he acts like a teenager. Kyuhyun plays pranks one me all the time, but when I’m in a bad mood, he always stays by my side to comfort me. A few days ago, we stayed up till the break of dawn just talking. At that time, it just felt like we were friends.
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Céci interview :

Yesung : Speaking of KRY members, Kyuhyun is always a good mood maker, so I never get bored being with him.

Star1 interview :

(Q: How do you spend your personal freetime?) 
Ryeowook : I go to Han river and think, or listen to radio till 4-5 AM. I eat what I want, read what I want, and sometimes, I enjoy eating soondae soup with members so we go out to eat. 
Yesung : I watch movies like usual and play games. I used to not drink alcohol at all in past but after reaching 30's, I sometimes enjoy drinking with friends and listening to good stories.
Kyuhyun : I don't have much freetime but when I do, I play like an average young person. I go drink with friends when we meet, talk, watch movies, and spend time like all others.
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