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- KBS Star Golden Bell episode 236 (090509)

Yesung : People think I'm crazy about philtrums now.
Kyuhyun : *nod* 
Yesung : But I only do it sometimes just for fun. 
Kyuhyun : *shook*
(Yesung hits Kyuhyun's head)

[talking about seducing girls]
MC : What about you Kyuhyun ? How long does it takes for you ?
Kyuhyun : All I can do is singing, so I’d sing for her.
Yesung : I think he’s better at chatting them up.
MC : Yesung ruins everything. He always says ‘no, he’s not like that...’

[talking about Leeteuk’s weird face on a photo]
MC : He said he was smelling his philtrum.
Kyuhyun : His philtrum smelled because Yesung kept rubbing it.
MC : The truth finally came out !

- The Muzit ep 7 - MC Yesung (100911)

[KyuWook sang a birthday song to Yesung, Kyuhyun was the one who wrote the lyrics]
MC : If it was for a woman, she would faint !
Yesung : ...

Kyuhyun : Congrats to Yesung for throwing Ryeowook and me one side, and being an MC alone.

Kyuhyun : Yesung is really an interesting person. Not interesting during recording, he’s just interesting outside the studio. Being in the same studio, he is not that interesting. But once outside, he says lots of fun. Yesung hyung usually fools around. He evens pretends being shot.
MC : He fools around by pretending being show down in front of you ?
Yesung : Not only do I pretend being dead...I act other scenes too. But the most striking scene is being show dead.
Kyuhyun : He even points the gun at us like this.
MC : You two just have a gun fight.

Yesung : Kyuhyun is...actually, Kyuhyun is our maknae. He looks agile but very stubborn. Very stubborn...He acts older than is age. Not only does he give off no feeling of a maknae. I’m 4 years older than him but don’t think that he is my dongsaeng. Sometimes I even think he may well be like my older brother. But he’s really deep. When I’m tired, he is the first to be by my side.
Kyuhyun : I was the first to call Yesung at night when his birthday came.
MC : Like hyung like dongsaeng.
Yesung : Ryeowook didn’t call, but Kyuhyun did.

Yesung : Kyuhyun doesn't intend to make you laugh but, he's still funny !

Kyuhyun : Congratulate Yesung for being an MC is an excuse, I actually wanted to meet Yoo Youngsuk !
Yesung : Kyuhyun sing the OST for Baker King Kim Tak Goo. Its ratings are high, it'be great if it can be like my "It Has To Be You". 

MC : Yesung is very good, isn't it ?

Kyuhyun : Yesung is...very kind too. A bit too much kind.
Yesung : Better say that I don't do bad things rather than being kind.

MC : We will talk about the ranking of the members. So...Ambition ranking ? The one with highest ambition.

Kyuhyun : To me, that's Yesung hyung.
MC : Of all the members ?
Kyuhyun : Yes, of all the members.

cr: YesungCenter

- KRY conference (february 2011)

Yesung (comparing their voices with colors) : Ryeowook's is white, Kyuhyun's is bright blue. Kyuhyun : And Yesung's voice is black.
Yesung : I want it to be the appealing dark crimson color instead.

Yesung : I'm embarrassed to tell this to Kyuhyun, but he has a gentle, smooth and stable voice. We have different personalities but when we sing together, we are in a good harmony...

Kyuhyun : Yesung's voice is husky and he has a dark tone, which stimulates listeners' emotion.

cr: YesungCenter

- MUST (110927)

Yesung : Kyuhyun really has a lot of fantasies towards destiny, so he often takes public transport.
Kyuhyun : I believe in destiny, every time I take the subway I'm very nervous, because I might meet my destined one. When I'm on the walkway I always nervously look forward, I'm like this.
MC : You should be quite tired then, always being nervous to small things like this, but it looks like you have a very pure side.
Kyuhyun : Yes I'm quite a pure person.
Ryeowook : Kyuhyun, is your destined one here ?
Kyuhyun : Not here, must be on the subway.

MC : All 3 of you sing so well, are born so handsome and are so popular, but you don't have girlfriends...

Ryeowook : Because I'm short.
MC : What?
Yesung : I must make things clear here, Kyuhyun and I are not short, only Ryeowook.
Ryeowook : That's right, only me.
from 小溪0614

- Interview: KRY + Sungmin (061223)

Q: What do you want before the year ends ?
Yesung : I’m human, so naturally I want materialistic things. But I really like how it is at this moment and your presence, if that can continue onto 2007, that’s all I want.
Kyuhyun : For me, I want everyone in here, everyone’s love all to myself~
Sungmin : Let’s do this honestly~
Ryeowook : I really have something that I need. I need a laptop.
Yesung : That’s like the same for us !
Ryeowook : Santa Claus is going to get it for me~
Kyuhyun : *gets up* Actually, I would like a car, a house..
Yesung : I should’ve been more honest.

Q: Who in Super Junior struggled to adjust themselves ? As in, who was the weirdest?
Sungmin : Does that include me?
MC : That includes all 13 members in Super Junior.
Yesung : Yes, we do. Sungmin, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun still struggle but..
KyuMinWook : NO, it’s YESUNG !
Sungmin : Yesung is weird these days.
Yesung : To be honest, it was a member that most people don’t expect, it was Shindong that struggled to adjust himself in Super Junior.
MC : Oh so it used to be Shindong, now it’s Yesung ?
Ryeowook : Right, it’s Yesung nowadays.
Yesung : It’s because I’m around dongsaengs these days. And they won’t play with me cause they say I’m old.
Kyuhyun: Yeah, we have a small age difference.
Yesung: But I look younger than Kyuhyun, right ?

 credits : jin_ju