Radio shows transcripts

- Miracle For You 

[Yesung’s first day at Miracle For You] 
Kyuhyun (phone) : Hello ? 
Yesung : Hello ! Can you hear me ? 
Kyuhyun : Hello everyone, I’m Super Junior Kyuhyun. 
Yesung : Kyuhyun-ah ! 
Kyuhyun : I absolutely can’t hear what Yesung hyung is saying. 
Yesung : *laughing* 
Kyuhyun : But I must congratulate him. Miracle For You by Super Junior Yesung will improve day by day. 
Yesung : Kyuhyun-ah ! 
Kyuhyun : Ranks 1st ! Fighting ! 
Yesung : Thank you Kyuhyun ! Fighting !
Yesung : It still can’t be connected. Kyuhyun knew that but still sent congratulations. It’s a voice message : Kyuhyun-ah...I love you. 

[Yesung's message about the accident] 
Yesung : And our maknae Kyuhyun. Even though you might not be able to hear my voice right now, I think you'll laugh when you hear this broadcast later. You were often a guest in Miracle For You. You would make fun of me if I make any mistakes and although you were a dongsaeng, you would tease me but you're our team maknae that I can't dislike. Hyung is praying for you to be healthy right now. When you come on air with the other Super Junior members, I won't get mad even if you tease and fool around. Let's be strong, okay ? 
From Yesung. 

Yesung : The one who will not give a good impression when you first meet him is Kangin. 
Donghae : The one who loves to play prank is Hankyung. 
Yesung : The one who looks like he has lots of secrets is Kibum. 
Donghae : The one who has the quality to be a gag star is Shindong. I think Yesung is funny too. 
Yesung : The one who looks the sexiest is Donghae. 
Donghae : Oh really ? 
Yesung : The one who has the weird behaviour is Kyuhyun. 
Donghae : No he's not weird. 
Yesung : I think he's more than special. 
Donghae : Yup. 
Yesung : It is when you play a game that kind of pride you send out. 
Donghae : I am like that too. Whenever I played a sport I will have that kind of pride. Kyuhyun too. I think all guys are like that. They all have the desire to win. 
Yesung : Yes, just like Eunhyuk. Everyday is soccer soccer soccer.He will not lose to anyone. 
Donghae : Yes. 

- Pak Jung A's "Scintillation Night"  

Scene : SJ sang "Marry You" after Seeya sang, "Aren't we get married". The host said that the music of the two groups has a close rapport.  
Yesung : Actually, it's really because Seeya had sung "Let's get married" that I strongly suggest us to sing "Marry You" 
Pak Jung A : It seems that Yesung really love the song "Let's get married". 
Kyuhyun : You didn't know that Seeya would show up in the studio, didn't you? 
Yesung : well, I didn't, but I feel happier when I saw them here. 
Pak Jung A : From a while ago, no matter what Yesung had said, Kyuhyun will always pull him down. Are you two opponents? 
Kyuhyun : No, we are not. It's just because that we are so close. 
Yesung : Because he is younger than me, his naughtiness will be still cute. 
Kyuhyun : I'm so cute, the youngest... 

- Smash Hard

Kyuhyun : I went to a program recording when I came back to stage after the car accident. he asked me about my health conditions by himself. I'm so touched at that moment, I can't say anything. 
Yesung : Kyuhyun is as shy as a girl... 

- Kiss The Radio 

Leeteuk : Once, after our 4jib promotions ended, we went out together to eat a meal ! So we went to have a dinner party. All our members, all our staff, our managers. There were probably 20 people all up, and we ate a lot of meat... 
Yesung : Mm, that time we probably… we really ate heaps and heaps... 
Leeteuk : About a million won...Kyuhyun-ssi really was late to come... “Now let’s play paper-scissors-rock !” (Afterwards Kyuhyun loses) So Kyuhyun-ssi said “Do I pay for everything ?”, and didn’t eat any meat at all. 
Yesung : No no no, he ate a little bit, he ate quite a lot of hotpot, it was just meat he didn’t eat any of. 
Leeteuk: So Kyuhyun-ssi didn’t let us call him (his name), and the video was uploaded to the internet... 
Yesung: Really Kyuhyun-ssi, I don’t know if it’s because he’s the magnae or not, but when he’s angry it’s really cute... 

Leeteuk : Yesung you bite your finger nails, right ?  
Yesung : Nope, I got rid of the habit.  
Leeteuk : How long did you take to get rid of it ?  
Yesung : I decided to change the bad habit of biting my finger nails, last winter.  
Leeteuk : When your finger is near your mouth, Kyuhyun will very quickly hold on to your hands. 
Yesung : Yeah, he will run from somewhere far to hold on to me. 
Leeteuk : "Caught you again !" Then he run to you and hold on to you.   
Yesung : Thank you, Kyuhyun-ssi, for helping me occasionally like that... 

Leeteuk : After coming back from Paris, speak some French to everyone~ 
Kyuhyun (phone) : Do I say a sentence ? Do you want to have a drink with me ? *in french* 
Yesung : Now that Leeteuk is calling you on the phone, I don't have a chance to speak... 
Leeteuk : Kyuhyun, Yesung is beside me, do you have anything to say to him ? 
Kyuhyun : Who ? Yesung hyung ? Yesung hyung, you are not improving...Yesung hyung is a really very interesting hyung in the dorm... But in broadcasting and recordings, he can't seem to speak much, but you will still do very well. Yesung hyung, fighting ! 
Leeteuk : Kyuhyun, can you sing us a song ?  
Kyuhyun : A song ? *sings Hope is a dream that doesn't sleep and It has to be you* 
Yesung : Now if you want to call in, call directly to KTR... If you use Leeteuk's phone to call, the other person will not be able to hear anything. 
Leeteuk : That's because you are wearing your earphones... 
Yesung : No, I meant that the other person will not be able to hear anything... Even if I raised my voice or speak loudly, he can't hear it... 
Leeteuk : Ah, he can't hear it ??

 [source: woonvoice] 

Sungmin : When I read today's story, Yesung comes up to my mind. Yesung also has this kind of habit, biting his nails. 
Ryeowook : Yes.. but he reformed it. 
Sungmin : No, not yet. 
Ryeowook : Not yet ? 
Sungmin : Yes, lately when we took a M/V in Japanese, (Ryeowook : yes yes yes) Kyuhyun said "Again again again !! Again !!" everytime when he bites his nails kkk 
Ryeowook : Yes, kind of treating as a baby kkkk Yesung is like a baby kk 
Sungmin : “Nail again ! Nail !” and then, Yesung looks unkindly to members kkk 
Ryeowook : What was the way that Yesung told us ? Umm… the oil for nail.. what was that ? 
Sungmin : Manicure ! 
Ryeowook : Ah manicure ! 
MinWook : Oil kkkkkkk 
Ryeowook : I just thought varnish kkkkkkkkkkkk 
Sungmin : kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 
Ryeowook : When he put transparent color of manicure on his nail, he doesn’t bite so the nail could be longer. 
Sungmin : Ohhh~ 
Ryeowook : Actually his nails were so short. 
Sungmin : Yes he didn’t have a ‘nail’ it was so short and small. 
Ryeowook : His nail look like a tiny rectangle, but now his nail becomes normal size. 
Sungmin : However he bites as well. 
Ryeowook : It’s his habit~ (Sungmin : that’s right) But he tried to reform his habit because someone near him told him to not bite his nails, just like Kyuhyun.  
Sungmin : Yes that’s right.

[After the youngest radio script writer commented as ‘someone should hit every time to recognize when he/she bites nail’] 

Ryeowook : Kyuhyun would hit Yesung if Yesung was younger than Kyuhyun. 
Sungmin : Yes I also think he would hit him if Yesung was younger than him. 
Ryeowook : He just says “Again again !” to Yesung just because he is younger than Yesung…kk 

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Sungmin : There's one time when Yesung pronounced a word wrongly and Kyuhyun who heard said it back to Yesung.

Ryeowook : It looked like Yesung was angry.. I really thought these two were fighting. Kyuhyun, whenever he heard any mistakes he would always picking on the same thing. It sometimes make me feel really irritated with him.

[credit: Kor to Jap: @miyahee09 | Jap to Eng: @syazureq]

Ryeowook : Our member Yesung has trouble sometimes when talking. He goes "Zip Juk Juk" when trying to say "Jik jup juk". So Kyuhyun-ssi likes to make fun of it by going "juk juk? Zip JUK JUK?"
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Sungmin talked about Kyu bullying Yesung's misspelling again :

" Yesung : “Sija” (instead of "Pija")
Kyuhyun : “Sija? Sija??” "

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