KyuSung on Twitter, Instagram and Weibo

As you already noticed, there aren't many KyuSung interactions : they don't mention or retweet each other. now they did 8D. But actually, there are some interesting things on Twitter.

Ok. Kyuhyun posted only one KyuSung pic :

But Yesung did a better job ~

So yes, there are some KyuSung pics on Twitter...I mean, posted by themselves.

And one day (111129), Yesung posted their first selca together :

Isn't it perfect ? *o*

Once, Kyuhyun talked about a movie, "The Greatest Game Ever Played". And several months later, Yesung also talked about it, and posted the same pic :

And don't forget when Yesung posted 3 pics of him wearing weird glasses. The last one was a KyuSung moment from SS3.

As babiettangkoma noticed, this pic is very special, because :
-There are many pics of Yesung with those pink glasses : a lot with Donghae, and others when he is alone. Then why did he choose this one ?
-He cropped the two other pictures he posted with it, but not this one.
-Ths pic is from GyuhyunBar. And you guessed well : that's a Kyuhyun's fansite.

Another tweet posted by Yesung (110801) :

누구 나랑 헨델과그레텔가자 ~~~!!!
which means :
Who is going with me to Handel and Gretel now~~~!!!

It seems pretty normal. But if you think about it, that's not even a question. And some hours later, there were pics of Kyuhyun at Handel and Gretel, taken by fans. 
Actually, Kyuhyun was at Handel and Gretel this day, when Yesung posted this tweet.

Another KyuSung selca, posted by Yesung some hours before Kyuhyun's birthday (120202)

 And then this one, at Y STYLE (120229)

This day (120804), Yesung posted three pictures of him, Siwon and Kyuhyun wearing glasses, and called them "MaGaemYe"

He also posted this cute selca and called Kyuhyun -who just came back from Greece- "GaemGyu Baby" (120918)

5 days later, two selcas were posted by Yesung : Y style = 예&껨 ^^ (Ye&Gaem)

Yesung couldn't sleep this night, and he posted this picture calling them Ye Kyu this time (121227)

Because of SJ-M promotions in 2013, they were apart. Yesung travelled somewhere, and Kyuhyun came back in Korea to land in Jeju Island, where he posted a selca of him eating fish (130225) :

역시 제주도는 다금바리가 짱이~~~~지만 다 팔려서 없으니까 황돔이 짱이야~~!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 힐링하는 중!!!!^^ 예성이형 어디니
which means
As expected, Jeju-do’s hapuku is the best~~~~but it was all sold and there wasn’t anymore so Dentex tumifrons are the best~~!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ In the midst of healing!!!!^^ 
Yesungie hyung, where are you

Yesung replied about 45 minutes later, with :

난서울도착^^ 바톤터치규현~!
which means
I’ve arrived in Seoul^^ baton touch Kyuhyun~!

Was Yesung in Jeju before Kyuhyun arrived there ? We don't know, but that's not really important knowing that it was the first time they "talked" on Twitter.


Another cute picture, posted after a filming and before they went to eat with Eunhyuk, Donghae and Kangin (130228)

 Backstage, in Jakarta. Still by Yesung.

Second day of SS5 Seoul. Kyuhyun posted that right after Yesung's solo and wrote :

아.. 오늘 예성이형 무대 너무 좋다! 정말 정말로 좋았다..!!
which means Yesungie hyung’s stage was so good! Really really good..!!

which was very cute because Yesung wasn't feeling good the first day (he fell on stage). Kyuhyun showed his support through Twitter, and Yesung replied with :

Really ? Really ??

On April 16th, they went to watch baseball in Busan, just the two of them. Yesung posted this selca and wrote :

까불이규랑 부산을 ~~^^ 움하하!!
With playful Kyu at Busan ~~^^ Umhaha!! 

141121 : a cute backstage selca, after Kyuhyun won with "At Gwanghwamun".

우리 막둥이꾸루꾸루 ~!! 1위축하해 ~~!!! ㅎㅎ 
Our maknae Kooroo-Kooroo~!! Congrats for being 1st~~!!!

And some other pictures taken the same day :

(more KyuSung about Kyuhyun's solo HERE)

And then, Yesung posted this on instagram (141124), with  :

"I miss those days of taking selcas with the little maknae #yekyu #광화문에서 #kry"

Another selca from Kyuhyun's weibo (150401), with :

"Sorry, I am tired todayㅜㅜ My second promise. I met yesung after a while for a drink ^^. Goodnight!"

Then, Yesung updated his instagram with :
"It's been a while. Just the two of us.. #Yekyu #duet"

And some more pics posted on his Twitter and weibo the same day :

Twitter and Instagram updates (150531)

From Yesung's Twitter (150603)

KRY, from Yesung's Instagram (150603)

From Yesung's Twitter (150605) :

"Ye Kyu - ♥♥"

And again (150607) :

"Ye Kyu ~ "

150611 - Yesung posted two videos 

One of Kyuhyun :

"Kyu who wants a way out .... "
[trans by YesungMorocco]

And another one, which was supposed to be a selca :

KRY, from Yesung's Twitter (150701)

150725 : Yesung posted this (apparently taken by Ryeowook) on his Twitter, saying :
I love you bro ♥ 
in english

Those two pictures taken in LA were posted by both Kyuhyun and Yesung (150801)

151114 : Yesung finally went to Kyuhyun's solo concert, and Kyuhyun posted this pic on Twitter