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Hi everyone ! The 4th version of the KYUSUNG crossroad is finally here ! This is a blog where you can find everything about the pairing Kyuhyun + Yesung from Super Junior. Now that Yesung's military service is over, this blog can come back to life !

If you're new with KyuSung, bored or feeling a bit nostalgic, you can watch this compilation. All the best KyuSung moments are here.
(/!\ may cause death)

The Youtube channel has been brought to life too, so stay tuned for more KyuSung compilations !!

I still don't know what I'm doing with this blog (and with KyuSung in general...) but I hope you'll like it anyway.

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Except :
-20 reasons to ship KyuSung (this needs to be updated, oh my god...)
-Top 30 Best KyuSung Moments
-KyuSung ? What is it ?
-SS4 Paris - fanaccount
and some other little things, including the works of the Youtube channel and the Twitter fanbase.
All other facts, pictures, gifs, fanaccs, videos, fanarts, edits, translations or anything belong to their owners. 
I only made this blog to gather all the KyuSung stuff I could find, and I hope you don't mind me sharing it.

In case you don't ship KyuSung yet, go read thisthis and also this (new) ~~
And in case you already ship it, go join the fanlisting :D

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Compilation KyuSung moments (BEST OF)

Updates :

141210 : updates here and here, new pics here
150406 : new pics here and here
150531 : new pics here and update here
150803 : new design, updates here
150810 : new pics (here, here, here, here and here)
151027 : Fanfictions updated
151121 : new pics here, updates here
151229 : new pics here
160222 : new pics (here, here and here)
Next updates : facts, transcripts

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