[120406] SS4 Paris - fanaccount

  •  They were often side by side.
  • They walked together among the fans during You’re My Endless Love, and they were pretty close to each other.
  • During Good Friends, Yesung hit Kyuhyun’s back twice in order to have an apple, but finally stole it.
  • YeChucky poked KyuJobs’ butt with his knife (haha).
  • They kept whispering things to each other when Eunhyuk and Siwon had to find their “girlfriends”.
  • Yesung was staring at Kyuhyun during several seconds while all the others was staring at the crowd.
  • They chased each other during Do Re Mi (as usual).
  • They wanted to be the only one in the front at the end of White Christmas, Donghae and Eunhyuk were also there to compete. Kyuhyun, Yesung and Eunhyuk finally succeeded together.
  • Yesung hit Kyuhyun’s shoulder, but I don’t really remember when and I didn’t understand why xD
  • They also held hands for one second when they walked side by side.
  • They stayed at the back while Leeteuk was talking about Siwon’s birthday (I think they were talking about throwing water because they had bottles in their arms).


  • Yesung’s mum saw the YEKYU banner I held with my friend before the concert. She immediately smiled and waved at us.
  • And finally, I’m sure Kyuhyun also saw it during the concert. There was a moment when we were the only ones to raise our banner in our area, and everybody sat down around us, I mean, I’m sure he saw it because when he looked in our direction, he kinda nodded with a shy smile. I’m not joking °A°

Well, I think that’s all. It’s late, so forgive my mistakes.