KyuSung ? What is it ? (aka 50 reasons to ship –or at least like- this pairing)

It’s :

1. Yesung being Kyuhyun’s first roommate when he joined the group.

2. Kyuhyun’s endless teasing.

3. The song Kyuhyun wrote for Yesung’s birthday.

4. Yesung calling Kyuhyun “GameKyu Baby” once on Twitter.

5. All the playful chasings during Do Re Mi.

6. Kyuhyun wanting to find Yesung when he arrived in Jeju.

7. The harmony of their gorgeous voices together.

8. Kyuhyun calling Yesung to congratulate him for his first day hosting his radio show, and Yesung replying with an actual “I love you”.

9. Yesung almost kissing Kyuhyun during a KRY concert.

10. The “gun fights”, the masks, the turtles, the apples, the mysterious nicknames (like “Kooroo” or “New Tangie Hyung”)…well, all their little things.

11. Yesung wanting Hope is a dream that doesn’t sleep to be as loved as It Has To Be You.

12. Kyuhyun noticing Yesung fall, and worrying and/or helping him.

13. The huge difference between the size of their hands and Kyuhyun making fun of it.

14. Your Eyes, the only duet from the 6 albums that happens to be a KyuSung one.

15. Yesung being awaken by Kyuhyun’s alarm clock, having to turn it off himself and waking Kyuhyun up after that.

16. Yesung saying he never gets bored when he is with Kyuhyun.

17. Kyuhyun’s (good) imitations of Yesung.

18. Yesung’s message after the car accident and his tears when he talked about Kyuhyun.

19. Kyuhyun being the first guest at Yesung’s radio show.

20. Yesung and Kyuhyun eating expensive beef together in Japan.

21. Kyuhyun worrying about his first musical and Yesung giving him advices.

22. All the glorious skinship : philtrum touching, hand holding…and so much more.

23. Kyuhyun being the first one to call Yesung at midnight for his birthday in 2010.

24. Yesung saying Kyuhyun is cute although he always makes fun of him.

25. Kyuhyun helping Yesung to stop biting his nails.

26. Having a lot in common when it comes to spending personal free time (watching movies, playing games, drinking with friends…yeah, they said that themselves)

27. Kiss the Radio, 2011. No details needed.

28. Yesung touching Kyuhyun’s crotch and butt by accident.

29. Kyuhyun’s apparent love for It Has To Be You.

30. All the praises they had to tell each other for a game.

31. The tickle attacks.

32. The date trip in Busan for SJ’s Experience Korea.

33. Yesung always touching Kyuhyun’s cheeks, and admitting at KTR that he wants to kiss them.

34. The long talk they had one night until the break of dawn.

35. Yesung being by Kyuhyun’s side after the second accident in 2011, and putting his hand on Kyuhyun’s waist when they were sitting together on a bench.

36. Yesung saying he doesn’t feel like Kyuhyun he’s his dongsaeng.

37. Yesung happily pointing at Kyuhyun (who was watching his last musical) in the crowd.

38. Kyuhyun saying on Twitter that Yesung’s solo stage is really, really good.

39. All the whispers.

40. The I LOVE YOUs they shared in Busan dialect.

41. The confetti they always wipe from each other’s hair.

42. Yesung wanting Kyuhyun to win Immortal Song like he did himself, and Kyuhyun feeling stressful because of it.

43. The game they played in Japan in which they were paired up as “YeKyu”.

44. Kyuhyun saying they are so close, back in 2008.

45. Yesung feeling embarrassed to tell Kyuhyun he has a gentle, smooth and stable voice.

46. Kyuhyun saying that Yesung is also good at bitter remarks and that it has become an habit for them to attack each other playfully.

47. Yesung saying Kyuhyun is a precious gift that Heaven gave him.

48. Kyuhyun’s idea of singing Gray Paper at SS5 Tokyo in order to surprise Yesung, and Yesung crying while watching the fancam.

49. The Night Chicago Died at SS1 Chengdu, aka the hug that lasted 23 seconds.

50. Yesung saying that Kyuhyun is the first one to be by his side when he feels tired, and also always there to comfort him when he is in a bad mood.

Yeah, that’s it. That’s KyuSung.