Regarding Kyuhyun's solo ~

[141113] For Kyuhyun's solo debut with the song "At Gwanghwamun", Yesung congratuled him not once, not twice but...three times !
The third one is...interesting.

  • On instagram :

울 막둥이 꾸루 ~^^ 솔로 축하 ~!! #광화문에서 #예동
--> Our maknae Kooroo ~^^ Congrats on your solo ~!! #AtGwanghwamun #YeDong

  • On weibo :

막둥이 꾸루 화이팅~!! 광화문 에서 ..
--> Maknae Kooroo fighting~!! At Gwanghwamun ..

  • On Twitter :

우리 막둥이꾸루~^^ 광화문에서.. 축하해 화이팅!!
--> Our maknae Kooroo~^^ At Gwanghwamun.. Congrats, fighting !!

And finally, some other good news :

« Kyuhyun, the first member in SJ to go solo said "If the response this time is good, other members will have chances to have solo albums" and "Actually when I was preparing for solo album, members didn't know. Felt that members, especially, Yesung hyung will be jealous. But surprisingly they congratulated me. 
Especially Yesung hyung who was the first to contact me saying he is happy." »

Cr: 銘儀___
Eng trans: elf_ninida

141121 : a cute backstage selca, after Kyuhyun won with "At Gwanghwamun".

우리 막둥이꾸루꾸루 ~!! 1위축하해 ~~!!! ㅎㅎ 
Our maknae Kooroo-Kooroo~!! Congrats for being 1st~~!!!

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